Food festival

What are we offering?

A profitable platform for every stakeholder

What are people frustrated with?:

Lack of opportunity to show the personal talent

Why is it worth trying and buying?:

To fill the purse with self earned money and reputation


Absence of any sort of recognition to the highly talented fulltime house wife

What problem it solve?:

Elevate self confidence and reduce Gender disparity

Who is the target audience?:

Talented full time house wife.

Opportunities for you

What you have to do

Make check and sum. Take responsibility of smooth, well balanced operations. Take responsibility of documentation, contracts, legality, and policy matters. Create standard operating procedures for every conceivable scenario and specific logistics for it

What you have to do

Handle operations Keep infrastructure in optimum condition; motivate talent; stick to meritocracy, safety, quality of product and service.

What you have to do

Find out native talent and motivate them to participate in festivals.

Food festival


Catering contractors; (all india)

to provide lunch and breakfast for

"16-66 year old adult audience" .

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